Skill Set 1: Taking Responsibility

Skill 1: Motivate Yourself
Skill 2: Be Ethical
Skill 3: Manage Your Time
Skill 4: Manage Your Money

Taking responsibility is by far the most important of the 10 Skill Sets. You are not born a winner. Your parents, friends, teachers, mentors, or whomever else is in your life cannot give you all 38 skills from the 10 Skill Sets. They may help you practice and reflect on all those skills, but only you can decide to be a skills winner for yourself.

That means you cannot blame your lack of skills on anyone but yourself. Students or employees who mess up and then whine that assignments were not clear are playing the blame game. There is no more direct path to failure than failing to take responsibility for one’s self.

People who are self-motivated, ethical in their dealings with others, and that manage both their time and their money well are winners. These people will easily find jobs because they do what needs to be done. People who need others to prod them, or who want a direct and immediate payoff for what they do are just like babies who cry at the slightest irritant. They also tend to be dishonest, frequently late and usually have debt that they can’t pay off. These people will struggle to succeed in the real world.