Skill 12 – Write Well

The skill Write Well is defined as effectively communicating, using text, in order to convey one’s ideas, knowledge or¬†opinions.

Game Changers:

  • Attend a writing workshop run by your school.
  • Read one news article a day. The more you read proper sentence structure, the better your writing will be.
  • When someone edits your paper think about and record their changes so you learn for the future.
  • Ask a career services counselor to critique your resume and cover letter.

Useful Web Links

General Writing Resources – This website does an excellent job on breaking down different aspects of writing and provides different tools to help improve skills.

Qualities of Effective Writing – Read through these guidelines to make your writing an efficient mode of communication.

10 Tips on Writing – For a better understanding of the techniques of this skill check out these tips.

Useful Video Links

How to Become a Better Writer

How to Improve Your Grammar