A new solution for an old educational goal: Preparing students for college and career readiness.

This Database provides the materials needed to help students develop skills for college and career readiness.

The Database includes:

  •  Instructional guides to the use of the database
  •  Information on the 38 skills organized around 10 skill sets
  •  Curriculum aids that include lesson plans, posters, videos
  •  Assessment tools to help students and instructors measure skill development
  •  Materials to assist instructors in flipping their classrooms
  •  Instructional guides to the use of the database
  •  Supplemental Website and video sources on each of the 38 skills.


The Skills Win Database is not a new curriculum.  It is a supplement that can be used inside and outside the classroom.

FOR STUDENTS: The Skills Win Database provides students the opportunity to develop the skills employers want regardless of what post-secondary programs or careers they pursue. The Database provides skills assessments to help students determine specific areas they need to improve, as well as materials to help them set goals, make a plan to improve weaknesses and to document progress.

FOR INSTRUCTORS: Whether you are a teacher, a guidance counselor, an administrator or an instructor in advisory programs you will realize the Skills Win Program provides traditional goals for students in a non-traditional way. The Database includes resources designed specifically for instructors, including research, background materials and additional instructor support material.