Yeshua Restoration Ministries, Inc.

Matthew Venuti, Data Manager

This summer I have had the invaluable opportunity to intern with Yeshua Restoration Ministries, Inc. (YRM).  If this internship were not paid then I would not be able to intern with YRM for the summer since I would be working at a part time job that would not have allowed me to develop my skills to the same degree that this internship has.  Interning as a data manager for YRM has given me experience working with quantitative tools such as spreadsheet programs, which has already paid off by helping me to secure future internships offers for the fall.  Every day I work with a team to evaluate YRM’s programs and policies, identify any problems that exist and launch solutions to those problems.  My growing workload has required me to both manage my time and motivate myself to accomplish the tasks put before me every day.  Once a week I am lucky enough to lead a work crew of high school boys that participate through YRM’s summer job program, an experience that is developing my ability to manage a team effectively as I teach them the value of developing marketable skills of their own.

A Tiny Home for Good, Inc.

Alice Thet, Data and Communications Intern

Instead of having to take an unpaid internship position in Washington D.C., the Skills Through Experience Program provided me with a paid internship. During my time working with A Tiny Home for Good Inc., a non-profit organization providing affordable a clean housing options for the homeless, I was able receive hands-on experience in non-profit management. As a summer support staff, I was responsible for various activities including grant writing, event planning, database management and accounting, and newsletter design. Some of the tasks under these activities were planning a ribbon cutting ceremony, writing press releases and contacting high profile broadcasters, inviting and coordinating schedules with high profile individuals, reorganizing donor and mailing lists, and recording new spending donations.

Thanks to the Skills Through Experience Program, I was able to learn about new techniques and skills on programs such as Excel and InDesign, and other management and organizational skills by performing them through the tasks above. Everything I have learned through this experience has been things that are not taught in my classes at Syracuse University but necessary for jobs in the future.

Syracuse Northeast Community Center

Hannah Johnson,  Community Health Intern

Professor Coplin’s Skills Through Experience Program has provided me the opportunity to participate in a paid internship with Syracuse Northeast Community Center, which would have otherwise been an unpaid position. In addition to compensating me monetarily, the program also connected and recommended me to the site. I am financially independent and pay my own bills so I would have been unable to take advantage of this internship without compensation.
The Skills Through Experience Program has given me an opportunity to be compensated while improving my skills and developing real world experience in the nonprofit sector before graduating. As a Community Health Intern at SNCC, I have already gained many valuable skills I will use in my career. These include:
  • Certified Applications Counselor

    • Facilitate Enrollments on and off-site through the New York State Department of Health Marketplace
    • Health Education Outreach
  • Certified to conduct Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Screenings

    • Administer PAM Screenings
    • Develop Coaching Techniques to Engage with Patients
    • Develop Goals and Action Steps Tailored to Individual Needs, Including Referrals
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Policy Analysis
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Research Design
  • Program Development and Design
  • Data Entry and Build-Out of Agency Database
  • Senior Support Programming

Office of Grant Development

Joyce LaLonde, Data Intern

This summer I worked for Christina Leigh Deitz, the Grant Development Administrator in Maxwell and Instructor of the Public Affairs (PAF) course on Grant Writing. The Skills Through Experience Program enabled me to do this work, which mutually benefited Ms. Deitz, the Public Affairs Program and me.

In this position, I compiled a database tracking all grants written by students in the PAF course and the trajectory of those grants. This work improved my Skill 14 – Use Word Processing Tools and Skill 31 – Use Spreadsheet Programs. Alongside this task, I created a library system for all books housed in the Grant Development office, which also developed my aforementioned Skills 14 and 31. Lastly, I developed a bibliography of all reading materials used in the course for student reference. This task improved my Skill 13 – Edit and Proof and Skill 25 – Use Commercial Databases.

Throughout all of these tasks, I greatly improved Skill Set 10: Solving Problems. Thanks to the Skills Through Experience Program for making this possible!