Syracuse Northeast Community Center

Hannah Johnson,  Community Health Intern

Professor Coplin’s Skills Through Experience Program has provided me the opportunity to participate in a paid internship with Syracuse Northeast Community Center, which would have otherwise been an unpaid position. In addition to compensating me monetarily, the program also connected and recommended me to the site. I am financially independent and pay my own bills so I would have been unable to take advantage of this internship without compensation.
The Skills Through Experience Program has given me an opportunity to be compensated while improving my skills and developing real world experience in the nonprofit sector before graduating. As a Community Health Intern at SNCC, I have already gained many valuable skills I will use in my career. These include:
  • Certified Applications Counselor

    • Facilitate Enrollments on and off-site through the New York State Department of Health Marketplace
    • Health Education Outreach
  • Certified to conduct Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Screenings

    • Administer PAM Screenings
    • Develop Coaching Techniques to Engage with Patients
    • Develop Goals and Action Steps Tailored to Individual Needs, Including Referrals
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Policy Analysis
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Research Design
  • Program Development and Design
  • Data Entry and Build-Out of Agency Database
  • Senior Support Programming