Office of Grant Development

Joyce LaLonde, Data Intern

This summer I worked for Christina Leigh Deitz, the Grant Development Administrator in Maxwell and Instructor of the Public Affairs (PAF) course on Grant Writing. The Skills Through Experience Program enabled me to do this work, which mutually benefited Ms. Deitz, the Public Affairs Program and me.

In this position, I compiled a database tracking all grants written by students in the PAF course and the trajectory of those grants. This work improved my Skill 14 – Use Word Processing Tools and Skill 31 – Use Spreadsheet Programs. Alongside this task, I created a library system for all books housed in the Grant Development office, which also developed my aforementioned Skills 14 and 31. Lastly, I developed a bibliography of all reading materials used in the course for student reference. This task improved my Skill 13 – Edit and Proof and Skill 25 – Use Commercial Databases.

Throughout all of these tasks, I greatly improved Skill Set 10: Solving Problems. Thanks to the Skills Through Experience Program for making this possible!