A Tiny Home for Good, Inc.

Alice Thet, Data and Communications Intern

Instead of having to take an unpaid internship position in Washington D.C., the Skills Through Experience Program provided me with a paid internship. During my time working with A Tiny Home for Good Inc., a non-profit organization providing affordable a clean housing options for the homeless, I was able receive hands-on experience in non-profit management. As a summer support staff, I was responsible for various activities including grant writing, event planning, database management and accounting, and newsletter design. Some of the tasks under these activities were planning a ribbon cutting ceremony, writing press releases and contacting high profile broadcasters, inviting and coordinating schedules with high profile individuals, reorganizing donor and mailing lists, and recording new spending donations.

Thanks to the Skills Through Experience Program, I was able to learn about new techniques and skills on programs such as Excel and InDesign, and other management and organizational skills by performing them through the tasks above. Everything I have learned through this experience has been things that are not taught in my classes at Syracuse University but necessary for jobs in the future.